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A lot has changed at Amazon while I’ve been on hiatus. Many other erotica authors I know have been affected by these changes, and I’m still learning the full extent of the new policies. I’m sure many erotica readers are aware of what has happened, but if not, I’ll just summarize here by saying that Amazon has added more restrictions on erotica. While I do not agree with limiting readers’ choices, I do understand the concerns about what subject matter people searching their site might encounter. But instead of creating optional, user-controlled filters that would allow readers to decide for themselves what they do and do not want to see, Amazon has decided to remove books containing more controversial subject matter.

Most of my stories were not affected by the new policies, but I’m sad to say that “The Billionaire’s Pet” was. The first and third parts of the trilogy were left alone, but under the new policy, the word “Taken” in the second installment’s title was objectionable, as was the basic plot. Those of you who have read the story know that Laura’s “abduction” and all the sex acts depicted are perfectly consensual. But under the new guidelines, anything that centers on abduction, even if it’s part of a consensual game, is taboo. Amazon has, therefore, blocked the second part of the trilogy.

I don’t want readers to have only two parts of a three-part story. It isn’t fair to the readers that they may buy the beginning and end but not the important middle installment. To prevent this disappointment, I’ve decided to take the first and third parts down at Amazon. The bundled trilogy itself will still be available. If any reader would still like to purchase the second part separately, it will still be available at Smashwords, where you can buy it in .mobi form (the file format Kindle uses), and Barnes & Noble.

So sorry to do this, but I think it’s best for future readers. Here’s hoping my decision is a little more thoughtful than Amazon’s.


Finally — A new story!

Sometimes life keeps us from doing what we want to do. Because of a series of life circumstances (a move, a major change in a relationship, etc.), I had to take a hiatus from writing and publishing. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it had to happen. Everything has calmed down now, though, and I’m happy to say that I’m coming back to the writing game. Thank you so, so much to all the readers who have continued to support me while I was away. I appreciate your interest in my stories so much.

My first release in a year is actually an old story that was never published before. “Her Turn at Bat” is a quick summer read, featuring a young woman acting on an unexpected urge — with another woman. The story is now up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and All Romance Ebooks.



“Obeying the Billionaire” (The Billionaire’s Pet #3) now available!


Synopsis: Kidnapped by her billionaire boss, Laura has been turned from sexy secretary to sexy slave. But Mr. Price has one last test for her, and she’ll have to learn to control both her body and her desires in order to please him. Can she submit to her master’s humiliating will?

Contains elements of BDSM, oral sex, rough sex, anal play, and naughty way to clean the floor.



For days, Mr. Price stayed away from me. I saw nothing of him, nor did I ever hear his voice. He was testing my patience, I knew. Maybe he wanted to see if I would disobey him. But even if I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t know how. As I wandered throughout the house during the day, I saw no sign that he’d even been there.

Female servants arrived in shifts to see that I was fed and groomed. I was cared for like a precious doll. Twice daily I cared for my skin in the most luxurious bath I had ever seen. A maid watched me and supplied me with expensive French soaps and creams — Mr. Price’s favorites for his girls, she’d told me.

The new clothes I was given were hardly clothes at all, meant to decorate my body rather than cover it. My blouses and pencil skirts had been replaced by lingerie, thin negligees that left nothing to the imagination. Some days I was given nothing to wear at all, and simply went about my lonely day naked. All the while I wondered if Mr. Price watched me somehow, from a hidden vantage point, or maybe even with a camera. The thought made me shiver with delight. Fantasizing about his voyeurism, I touched myself, lying uncovered atop the bed so that, if he were watching, he could see it all.

But I didn’t want him to simply watch me. I’d gotten a taste of his body and skill my first night in his house, and I needed more than that.

“Why doesn’t he come?” I asked one of the maids once.

She had come to my room late in the evening just to comb my hair. This kind of luxury was something I’d thought only existed in romance novels.

“He will come when he chooses,” she replied curtly. “You’re his possession now. You can’t make demands of him.”

This did nothing to assure me.

My final test came as unexpectedly as my abduction from the office. I should have known that something was about to happen. All through that day, the house had been quiet. The servants who attended to me went about their business in a distant manner, barely speaking to me. I was advised to take a very long bath and to make sure that I was properly groomed, my legs cleanly shaven, my pubic hair expertly trimmed and shaped. And yet I stupidly thought that they were simply ensuring that I didn’t get lazy while I waited for him.

When I got out of the bath that evening, there were no clothes waiting for me. I went to bed naked and fell asleep with one hand between my thighs, lightly caressing myself.

I was woken from an idle dream by the sound of the door to my room opening. A dim, amber light was turned on. I blinked rapidly, shielding my eyes with the back of my hand as I began to sit up.

“What is it?” I started to ask, but then, before I even saw him, I caught the familiar scent of his cologne.

Mr. Price had come for me. Finally, he had come.

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“Taken by the Billionaire” (The Billionaire’s Pet #2) now available!


Have a little BDSM!

Synopsis:  A late night at the office turns into a kidnapping when Laura finds herself blindfolded and thrown into the back of the car. When her kidnapper turns out to be her sexy, domineering boss, she knows that her wildest fantasies are about to come true. She wants her boss’s body, but what he wants from her is submission to his desires…

Contains consensual abduction, oral sex, brief spanking, and rough sex.



“Hold her still. The boss doesn’t want any bruises on her.”

I recognized his voice instantly. The speaker was one of the men who worked under Mr. Price. I’d seen him only this morning, enthusiastically carrying out the business mogul’s orders. He hadn’t so much as glanced at me then.

But I didn’t doubt he was here fulfilling another order. My experience in Mr. Price’s office last week had already taught me that some of his employees were involved in his private life, and I knew immediately that my beloved boss had sent these men for me.

I stopped struggling and remained silent as I felt one of the men take hold of my ankles. They carried me through the building quickly, rushing as if they honestly feared being caught. Was it my fantasy or Mr. Price’s that they carried out? The thought of being kidnapped had entered my mind previously only as the darkest, dirtiest wish, the kind of fantasy I could never confess to anyone. But I had thought about it once, hadn’t I? And hadn’t I run my hands over my own body thinking of strangers’ hands carrying me off, teasing me with both pleasure and fear?

My heart pounded so hard in my chest that I could almost hear it. One of the men held my legs firmly together, but between them, my sex began to throb with desire.

This was it. I had somehow pleased Mr. Price, and now he had called for me.

I heard footsteps echoing as we reached the parking garage. My captors hurried me into the backseat of a car. I heard the doors lock as they were slammed shut. The car launched forward at such speed that I was glad I couldn’t see anything.

In the front of the car, the men spoke to each other, so quietly that I couldn’t make out a single word they said over the loud hum of the car’s engine. Did they know what was going to happen to me? How involved were they in Mr. Price’s private affairs? Part of me wondered if my boss was going to have me perform before an audience. I blanched at the idea, and yet my pussy throbbed harder. I knew I would do anything for him, even share myself with those he deemed worthy.

The car barely stopped the entire way. We took turns at breakneck speed, and my bound body was rocked on the seat as the road caused the car to buck. What would happen if we were stopped by the police? But no, that wouldn’t be an issue. Mr. Price was one of the most powerful men in this city. All the driver would have to do was drop his name and we would be sent on without question.

The drive took several minutes. Blinded and tied, slung like a doll over the backseat, I lost all sense of direction. We drove for so long that I imagined we must be going out of the city. It made sense. I had never seen Mr. Price’s estate before, but I knew it was outside the loud cars and frantic lights of the city center. That had to be our destination.

After a series of very sharp turns, the car stopped. The door at my feet was opened and two pairs of hands hastily pulled me out. For a moment, as they adjusted me, I was allowed to stand, my heels clicking on a paved surface. Then my body was whisked into the air again, and, carried high like a trophy, I was rushed into the house.

I could see nothing through the blindfold, but my other senses promised a home of pure luxury. The echoes of my captors’ footsteps seemed to resound off marble surfaces, not industrial concrete. The sound of lightly trickling water told me there was a fountain nearby. I smelled fresh flowers and the clean air of a home that was meticulously cared for at all times. Mr. Price’s house, I knew without even seeing it, must be paradise.

I was deposited roughly onto a floor. I hissed in pain as one of my knees landed too hard. Rather than soothing me, the hands unbound my wrists, shoving my body callously. Earlier, my captors had handled me as lightly as they could to prevent injury to me, but now they had arrived at their purpose. They delivered their captive to their boss, and the fantasy of kidnapping was over.

Footsteps, quieter and more graceful than those of the men who had abducted me, drew near. I smelled Mr. Price’s cologne. The mere scent of him was intoxicating. On my knees on the floor, I swayed a little as my head swam with desire.

A hand touched my face, the same hand that had spanked me so brutally last week. A thumb pressed against my lips, parting them slightly. I couldn’t resist him. I let my tongue dart out to lick at the tip of his thumb.

“Good girl,” he whispered, a smile in his voice.

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“Spanked by the Billionaire” (The Billionaire’s Pet #1) now available!

Synopsis: When sex-starved Laura makes a plan to seduce her billionaire boss, she quickly finds that he has a little something else in mind. Laura’s scheme has unexpected results when she learns that the handsome businessman will only be seduced on his terms — terms that will have Laura bent over his desk. Contains spanking, light BDSM, and erotic sex denial. For mature readers only.

Readers should note that this story features erotic sex denial.



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I’ve really neglected this site. Sorry about that, everyone. It was a very, very busy summer.

Over the next few days, I’ll be reworking this blog and adding a couple of things to it. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

Shopping just got sexy — “Fitting Room Fuck” now available!

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, but another casual encounter in a public place has been added to my bibliography!

 Synopsis: Clothes aren’t the only things Stefani will be trying on when she goes shopping. She’s in for a sexy surprise when she catches a stranger spying on her in the fitting room. She knows she shouldn’t have sex with a man she doesn’t even know in public, but in her slutty new dress, she just can’t help herself!

For mature readers only. Contains voyeurism, oral sex, guided masturbation, and a sexy red dress.

4,420 words

$2.99 USD



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The dress slipped onto her body easily. It hugged her curves, showing off the round shapes of her breasts and hips. The hem stopped several inches short of her knees. Turning to the side, she bent over to test the hem, and giggled to see that it revealed just the tiniest hint of her panties. She’d never felt this sexy in anything that wasn’t meant for the bedroom before. It definitely had to be this dress.

“It looks good on you.”

Stefani gasped and spun around, looking for the source of the voice. How could anyone see her? The walls were too high for anyone to peer over or under them, and there was no security camera over the fitting rooms—

Then she saw him. There was a tiny gap where the cubicle didn’t quite meet the wall, and through the gap she could see the slightest glimmer of light as the overhead fluorescents reflected in a stranger’s eye.

Even though she was dressed, Stefani covered herself with her arms. What the hell was this guy’s problem? How dare he spy on her!

Behind the cubicle wall, the stranger chuckled. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I just thought you might like a second opinion. You look good in that dress. And out of it.”

Heat rose in Stefani’s cheeks. What kind of bastard

“It’s a great color on you,” the stranger continued. “That shade of red…like something a real slut would wear.”

She felt her blood beginning to boil. “Are you calling me a slut?”

“No. I’m saying that if you were one, you’d be a damn good-looking one.”

Stefani couldn’t help but feel a little flattered by that. The dress did look good on her, and she’d been planning to use it to grab the attention of a guy anyway. Looking through the gap, she tried to see what this man looked like, but she couldn’t see anything but his eye unless she stepped closer. Did she dare? This was kind of a creepy situation, definitely not the sort she should have liked, but…

To her shock, Stefani realized she was enjoying this. She couldn’t even see this man, but the thought of him watching her as she dressed—and undressed­—turned her on. True, she was a little angry, but this guy had a sexy voice, and she’d never been able to resist a lurid compliment. She didn’t think of herself as a slut, but she certainly wasn’t averse to doing something slutty.

“Do you really like it?” she asked coyly, lowering her arms and doing a half-turn to let the skirt flare out from her thighs.

“Sure I do. And I like what’s under it even more.”

“Oh, yeah?” Stefani played with one of the straps, teasing the stranger with the sight of her bared shoulder. “Tell me what you like.” Even as she spoke, her cheeks grew hotter. What was she doing? This man had spied on her in a fitting room! And what if someone heard them talking like this?

“I like how nice your tits looked in that bra,” he said, a smile in his voice. “It’s a little too small for you, isn’t it? So your tits are always just about to pop out. I liked it even more when you took that bra off.”

She ran her hand over the dress’s bodice, feeling the swell of her breasts through the fabric. “What else?”

“I like how sweet your ass looked in those skimpy panties. When you bent over, it made me want to…”

God, this was turning her on. “You wanted to what?”

“How about I come in there and show you?”

Was he serious? He couldn’t do that!

“Someone will see,” she cautioned.

“There’s no one looking right now. You unlock that door and I’ll be in there before anyone sees.”

“Well…” She knew she shouldn’t do this. She’d never fucked a complete stranger before, much less in a public place. But the tender, yearning flesh between her legs wasn’t going to let her pass up this opportunity.

She hesitated only another moment, then turned the lock on the cubicle door.